Monday, June 30, 2008

The days after the wedding. . . part I, over honeymoon

Well, i would say that the life after marriage was still as hetic as both the Tan Tan were busy bringing our japanese friend around in Singapore as well as to clear the post-events matters...

Honeymoon was short... the Tan Tan flew to Bali on a Tuesday flight and back to Singapore on a Sat afternoon flight. .

Kecak dance was still so outstanding though we watch it years back.

Bali was nice. It was relaxing, nothing being done ... . . just lazing around .. go for spa, walk aimlessly . . enjoy our private plunge pool . . we had our "thousand petals candlelight dinner on the first night of arrival" - it was nice. . recovery that we need . . . . other than the tons of bebek . other than the kueh kueh that caused both of us to suffer from stomach flu . .
Well, thats just a short post as I need more time to catch up to the time now... .hahaha.. i'm far behind time currently

Saturday, June 28, 2008

14th June - The Unforgettable Party!!

Dear all,

the highs and low on the 13th passed quickly.. 14th, is the day that Tan Tan planned for ourselves.. its a party meant for everyone to enjoy.. to chill out .. to .. party !!!

Lots of pre-preparations were done, including sourcing for additional lights, set-up, flowers, music, invite cards and wedding favors etc.etc. It was tough but definitely worth it.

With the aid of our friends, the place was set-up.. overall result ... darn NICE !!!

Well, the place was definitely enjoyable that even my new dad was having a good time with the swing. .
Anyway, the theme for that night was festive and food served includes lobster linguini as well as ribeye roast, salmon and other great food. . . lots of booze were prepared too, red wine, white wine, rose, stella artortis. .. . even hard liquor though no-one actuallys knows its available. . and well..our favourite Wedding Cakes which we ordered from TEMPTATION off Upper East Coast Road. . and JEFF from temptation done such a GREAT job that all cakes were gone at the end of the party that both the TAN TAN never get to eat..

The party begins with the march-in with our favourite song by COLDPLAY - Flowers in the windows and that kick-start the PARTY!!!
Once again for this night, we have an outstanding YAM SENG!!!! and today's one was made more exciting and fun by the challenge betweeen Richard (the ang moh) and team (including darey, eric lim, george, my primary school mates) vs. my colleagues from Certis CISCO... wahahahahaha....

the Richard team!!
VS. my CVS Team !!!

And the winner is .. . . ... . .. ... ..... EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! of the highlight for the night... was the speech from my side and serina side...

George, my best buddy from YJC till date was "arrowed" to give a speech from my side.. To my surprise, he actually wrote his speech down and did presented a very well thought and said speech.. . . cheers to you george! (although, he can improve on his attire.. wahaahha)
Alvin, Serina's brother.. gave such an astonishing and touching speech that half the crowd was weeping.. . that include Mrs Tan Tan .. .

The party went on and ended with a bunch of drunkards on level 2.... ALL OUR HELPERS and Mrs Tan Tan close friends since Primary School. . . What follows should be left unsaid as it would be too unglam for that to be written...

Anyway, I would like to Thanks everyone for making our party so sucessful..

Thanks to Mrs Tan Tan's Parents, Darry, Alvin for taking such great care of Mrs Tan Tan. . for showering her with so much love, care and concern. . for allowing me to step into her life and therafter creating a new begining with her. . Thanks

Thanks to my Dad, Mum, Jane and Don for bringing me up, for giving all the love and support and freedom in doing things I want to do. For silently giving me all the care and support.
Thanks to all my brothers for helping out that day.. George. . .Kum .. .Elvin ... Eric Lim.. . without you all ard, things would never be as smooth and door breaking would never be so easy..
Thanks to Mrs Tan Tan's sisters, Jennifer, Jiajia and Shierly (esp when shierly flew all the way down from US) Thanks for always being ard when Mrs Tan Tan needs help and making Mr Tan Tan job not so difficult in getting the bride.
Thanks to David, our co-ordinator for the 2 events. "without you coordinating, things will never be the same." And its a pity that no-one got the shot of you tearing away the schedule.
Thanks to Gabriel, for allowing us to use his car 9890 for the wedding and waxing it so nicely. And thanks for spending so much time with us and double up as our professional photographers... I would say there are some outstanding shots!!
Thanks to the Mary and Munthye, the best tag-team MCs for the event! . . the mood was there due to the both of you.!
Thanks for Edwin for taking some great shots for the first night !! Anyway, do send us the photo soon
Thanks to Tsutomu for flying all the way down to Singapore and joining in the fun
Thanks to Chee Meng, for the creation of the cute video as well as the exciting brawl on the first night
Thanks to my cousins for helping me out on the first night.. . without you all, things would be sooOo messy . . . especially due to the brawl. . and thanks for making the night so much more enjoyable!
Thanks to the other helpers, Tianyong, Dawen, Mabel and the rest.. thanks for all your contribution and efforts to make the parties a sucess.
Thanks to Ada of Martini-G for the creation of such a nice set of gowns!! The creation was outstanding. .
Thanks to Noble House and North Borders for acceeding to our request and giving us the best of service and make both nights so unforgettable.
Thanks to all our relatives, friends, colleagues and associates. . . thanks for taking the time off to join in our party and celebrations!!
Thanks to Mrs Tan Tan for agreeing to spend the rest of her life with me, withstanding my habits and "snores" . .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tan Tan Life on 13th June - Morning

Hi Hi,
13th June was the day that the Tan Tan got together... one Tan woke up at 0700hrs to bathe, the other Tan woke up at 0545hrs due to "morning call" by her dad as he thought the make-up artist was coming at 0600hrs. . . hee
The first Tan walked out of his bathroom in his towel and found that his "brother" team had already gathered. George, Elvin, Eric and Kum (who came in later as he sneaks off for breakfast) . .
Anyway, the Tan and his party moved off at 0800hrs with Gabriel using his car 9890 as the bridal vehicle.

Well, the morning fight for the bride ended up with the brothers team losing some of their hair (although though to find any on Elvin..hee hee) as well as the usual food tasting. . after that was the song and dance and I was drenched at the end of it.. the weather is soOoOOo HOT!! or maybe I'm hot..

Well, one Tan's mum is very sad and one Tan's mum is very happy... it is abit contradicting as it seems to be from different ends.... but who can blame.. one Tan's mum look after her Tan for so long to end up "giving it away" wheras, the other Tan's mum "earn one daughter". ha ha..
The dinner for relatives on the first night as what some of you all saw in the clip... was full of actions..
Actually, the actions begins during soleminisation in which both Tan Tan was trying to stop themselves from giggling.. . Even the solemniser, Mr John Ang seems to be affected.. ha ha

That was a great night... of cos, it would be better without the stupid brawl by those friends invited by my dad. (pls refer to video of earlier posting.. hee hee)
The first march in was darn fun... poppers and confetti guns popped everywhere!!! GREAT!! (think George POP the most confetti guns!!)

Anyway, one Tan took everyone by surprise with her 2nd gown... it was really nice, a japanese and chinese combined dress. . cool... all thanks to the dress designer.. Ada of Martini-G !!
and of cos... the loudest yam seng as well as the "tea" ceremony was fun.. or is it "tea"? or should I say hard liquor ceremony.. ha ha

Anyway, more photos and updates will be coming your way soon to a screen near you.. (from Mrs Tan Tan)
From Mr Tan Tan .. Hey, our 3 photographers of that night... Edwin, Tsutomu and Gabriel!!! When ARE YOU SENDING US THE PHOTOS!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update updates

dear all,

as both the Tan Tan had just returned from their honeymoon with gastric virual infections.. the updates will be done a later date.... sorry. .

but in the meantime, some clip to share with you all

Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 more days.... Just 2 more days to go

A week of leave from work but it is only applicable to office work. . was running ard more than compared to work..

compiling music, clearing the tasklist, preparation of sitting arrangement for day 1 and day 2 (Goosh!!! This is the worst!!)

But through this preparation for the wedding, it also allows me to realise something, there is indeed a generation gap between our parents and us. . . For me, my dad is so absurd in that he actually BOOK a bus to ferry our guest!!! OMG!!! For her, its her mum applying whatever she feels as "nice" or "good" on her... stressing her days out.

However, I would also need to say that through this, it makes us understanding how much our parents love us. One dad bought a red shirt and dye his hair for the first time, One dad who do not shop and keep his clothes until white becomes "brown" get a full set of new clothes, One dad who sliently work his best so as to earn for this wedding, One dad who pass a sum of hard-earned to his wife so as to get something for one Tan Tan.

Just 2 more days I would say.... only 2 more days...

Anyway, today is the chinese customary of "laying the bed" in which at 8pm sharp, my parents start to bring in stuffs to place on the bed including lotus seed, lily bud, etc etc. Well, it is rumored that this is supposed to aid Tan Tan marriage for love, kids, health etc. etc. The ritual was over in 5 mins but yet, I could not lay on my bed, could not sit on it and once again . . . continue on my ritual of sleeping on the floor. ...

haizz..... how i missed sleeping on a bed... .

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Running out of TIME!!!

Dear all, I am sorry to announce that due to the intensive preparations that need to be done for Tan Tan's BIG DAYS, I would not really have time to update the blog as often..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Now I'm getting to understand why people say Marriage is Once in a Lifetime!

Now.. I finally understand the statement.. the statement as to why people always comment that marriage is for once in a lifetime. Really, the amount of work involved in this is tremendous and the management of 2 families expectations is not easy.. . I really mean it. . WOW!.

This is the result when everyone with different opinons starts to give their views and as of all human beings, ALWAYS believes that they are always right. This is the same for everyone and now, Serina and I will be the sandwich in between, awaiting the diners to gobble us into their stomachs.. !!

How I wish we are back to our WWOOFING days when there were no such headaches. No Work Stress and disturbance, No family pressure, Live Life As we Love it. .

Just look at these 2

Tan Tans in the photo... don't they look good?

Speaking about WWOOFing. it is really an experience which everyone should try. .. Work, Eat and Live with locals overseas and experience a real cultural exchange.. that must be the coolest programme on earth.. However, be warned that it is not going to be an easy task....

Well, for those that are interested. Do visit

And back to today... I got almost all I needed from Ikea today and moved the darn heavy chest of drawers back. . Had an injured wrist and am still on medication for my flu but time is running short.. so no choice. Had to do it. . There are still so many things to clear and confirm and the wedding is only 2 weeks away.. .

Not an easy task for the 2 TAN TANs to get together but we know that it will all be worth it when the 2 TAN TANs get together..